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team building.

Collaborative Workshops

In Collaborative Workshops participants work in small teams on a specially designed image for your event.


Giant Colouring In

Create bespoke art works at your Special Event with a giant colouring in.

This is a unique creative entertainment suitable for corporate events, weddings, birthdays, business promotions, festivals and charity events.

Entertain guests with a bespoke interactive painting. Each design is a custom-made, hand illustrated artwork using your ideas, themes, brand or anything you like custom designed to colour in.

Everyone at your event contributes to the artwork using high quality, mess-free paint pens. This is a simple, pleasurable and popular activity which results in a high quality collaborative masterpiece for you to keep at the end of the event.

Create a Mystery Painting

We work with event organisers and clients to develop artistic sketches that capture the event’s essence. This is a tailored process based on the goal, format and theme of the event.

Guests work individually on their own small section of about 10 cm sq. to contribute to the whole end product.

This is a great ice breaker. At a milestone birthday or other private event this activity can be completed by the guests as a collaborative gift to the host.

Promote creativity through individual artistic expression. Foster team bonding through the creation of a collaborative, large scale, lasting work of art.

No artistic experience is needed, everyone can be involved – just colour in your section.

Workshop group

Themed Workshops

In Themed Workshops  participants work individually on a selected theme. This is a great reward for your employees and a positive time-out from the work place.  Participants come away with a sense of accomplishment. Painting is a great stress reliever and gets the creative juices flowing.

Paint a Masterpiece

In Paint a Masterpiece workshop participants work individually copying a famous artwork. Sessions begin with an overview of the supplies and how to work with them. Each person is provided with equipment including a pre-drawn image on a canvas. Instruction of acrylic painting techniques is provided throughout the session. After class, cleanup is completed by the artation team. Each participant takes home their own masterpiece.

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