mandala painting

This is an example of a mandala

painting using words and images.

Mandala Painting

Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘circle’

artation will guide participants to create and explore the magical art of mandalas in a fun and nurturing workshop making their themed mandala in rich vibrant colours.

artation will design a Mandala using images and words to express your corporate or conference aims.

To paint a mandala a small group of delegates start to paint from the centre.  As the painting expands so does the number of delegates who can paint at any one time.

Delegates use acrylic paint on canvas. As the painters reach the outer circle, every 15 minutes each third person moves on and paints a new section taking over the work of the previous person.  By now trust and collaborative efforts have taken root and the mandala is a beautiful example of team work.  This event will challenge all co-workers to pick up mid project, assess current progress, analyse next steps, and evaluate how to move forward to a finished work of art.

The Mandala can be displayed in your company office as a permanent reminder of your professional development day.

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