painting for relaxation

Artation provided painting for relaxation for carers ACT on a sunny Saturday in September.  The sun shone, blossoms bloomed and the wonderful carers of the ACT, Canberra spent three hours relaxing and painting. It was time-out for themselves to recharge the batteries.

A carer is someone who helps and supports a family member or friend who needs assistance.
This may be a frail older person, an adult or child with a disability, a person with a chronic or
mental illness or someone recovering after a long illness or accident.

Some are ‘full-time’ carers while others balance both a job and caring responsibilities. Most live
with the person they care for although some live nearby or are caring from a distance. 


Painting for relaxation    painting for relaxation   


painting for respite







 painting for relaxation  respite for carers


painting for relaxation


If you would like to book a painting session for your team, contact Tracey@artation.com.au






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