Frequently Asked Questions About Artation

Q: How long is an art session?

We can design an art session to fit your conference or event needs.  It can be arranged to be completed in a couple of hours  or devised to last a full day. We are very flexible and have many ideas for art events.

Q: How do you protect our tables from the paint?

We cover all the table tops with plastic covers.

Q: Can we take the paintings home after class?

Yes! We use acrylic paint in art sessions which dries very quickly therefore participants can take their paintings home. Collaborative art works can be taken back to the office to be exhibited. It becomes a great talking piece.

Q: What is included in the cost?

The design and planning, paint, canvas, paint brushes, palettes, aprons and painting instruction. Basically, everything the participants need in order to create their works of art.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum number of participants?

There is no minimum requirement. The maximum number of participants usually depend on the size of the room or the break out space.

Q: What do we need to supply?

You need to provide tables and the venue. The venue could be a break out space, staff or conference room.  Wherever there is space and tables.

Q: Do we need to wear special clothes?

You don’t need to wear special clothes however, accidents do happen, so as with any painting you need to be careful. Perhaps older, more comfortable clothes would be more appropriate. Some of the activities don’t use paint so there is no chance of you damaging clothes. Dress according to the chosen art activity and wear an apron which we provide..

Q: Will there be  tuition or instruction on how to paint or how to create the art works?

Tracey will instruct you on how to make the art.   You  don’t have to be “artistic” or to have knowledge of painting to make it  work. It’s all about team work and you’ll receive all the instruction you’ll need to make this work!

Q: Are you insured?

The safety and well-being of participants at artation events is of paramount importance. We hold public liability insurance to the value of $10 million.


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