artation and IPSU working together at state conference.


Tracey Miller at artation is excited about working with representatives from the Indigenous Professional Support Unit (IPSU) at their three day conference to be held at Sylvan Glen, Penrose, NSW,  Thursday 10 March 2016.  IPSU is under the umbrella of Gowrie NSW.
Twenty four delegates will be grouped into small teams. Each team will rotate through 6 art making experiences.  I’m looking forward to this!




Collaborative Artworks



Collaborative art works are for those delegates who prefer to work alone.  At the the end of the session all the individual pieces are put together to make a larger art work.

We can make designs based on a theme of your choice. It could be your corporate brand, aims and objectives or something unrelated to your usual work.

The art work can be taken back to your work place and be displayed as a memento of the day.

The pictured works are based on famous art works. The following images were taken at our Bowral, workshop.

team art work     collaborative art

collaborative art making 

 team art making

DSC05669 DSC05670

art for teams

These delegates worked individually on two images each.  When it was put together it formed one larger image of a Shoalhaven River image by Arthur Boyd.


Working on individual sections the participants made a combined image based on a work by Gauguin.



At a 2014 Themed workshop in a workshop in Bowral, NSW.


At a workshop in our Bowral Studio.


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