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The Bowral Art Gallery


This colouring activity was designed for the enjoyment of guests at the Bowral and District Art Society Christmas party in December 2017.  During the evening each participant was given a small square of the design which they coloured and then added to the grid.  As more pieces were added, the image grew to reveal the complete image to which each person had contributed.   

This is a great art activity to use at parties, training days and conferences. It gets everyone involved.


 collaborative paintingparty activity


Guests colouring their sections.


collaborative art makingteam bonding


Each piece was added to the grid.


team buildingcollaborative painting










Guests added their coloured pieces until the grid was filled.



team buildingTeam building










The image is nearly complete.



team building

team building



The Image is turned – Merry Christmas.


If you would like an art making activity for your group contact Tracey at














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