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This colouring activity was designed for the enjoyment of guests at the Bowral and District Art Society Christmas party in December 2017.  During the evening each participant was given a small square of the design which they coloured and then added to the grid.  As more pieces were added, the image grew to reveal the complete image to which each person had contributed.   

This is a great art activity to use at parties, training days and conferences. It gets everyone involved.


 collaborative paintingparty activity


Guests colouring their sections.


collaborative art makingteam bonding


Each piece was added to the grid.


team buildingcollaborative painting










Guests added their coloured pieces until the grid was filled.



team buildingTeam building










The image is nearly complete.



team building

team building



The Image is turned – Merry Christmas.


If you would like an art making activity for your group contact Tracey at













Wedding Party Painting Session

Wedding Party Painting Session


Twenty women were having a girls weekend away for Emma’s forthcoming wedding.  The bride’s maids surprised the wedding party with a weekend away in the Southern Highlands of NSW.  They organised various activities over the weekend including enjoying a three hour painting session with me in Bowral.  The women dressed in vintage 1950’s housewife attire complete with frilly aprons and kiss curls in their hair.  When they walked into the studio  I felt like I as thrown into a time warp.  Their outfits were gorgeous.

bridal party activity


pre wedding activityhens party activity



painting for team buildinghens party



hens partyhens party











wedding partyhens party activity



hens partysouthern highlands NSW











hens party hens party










painting activity


We had a great  painting session and each woman took home her painting as a memento of the weekend.

Contact Tracey if you would like to organise a painting session for your group or team. 








Respite for Carers ACT | Painting for Relaxation | September 2017

Respite for Carers ACT | Painting for Relaxation | September 2017


painting for relaxation

Artation provided painting for relaxation for carers ACT on a sunny Saturday in September.  The sun shone, blossoms bloomed and the wonderful carers of the ACT, Canberra spent three hours relaxing and painting. It was time-out for themselves to recharge the batteries.

A carer is someone who helps and supports a family member or friend who needs assistance.
This may be a frail older person, an adult or child with a disability, a person with a chronic or
mental illness or someone recovering after a long illness or accident.

Some are ‘full-time’ carers while others balance both a job and caring responsibilities. Most live
with the person they care for although some live nearby or are caring from a distance. 


Painting for relaxation    painting for relaxation   


painting for respite







 painting for relaxation  respite for carers


painting for relaxation


If you would like to book a painting session for your team, contact




Cultural and Creative | Article in the “Escape Southern Highlands” | Winter 2017

Cultural and Creative | Article in the “Escape Southern Highlands” | Winter 2017


This article was published in the Escape Southern Highlands Winter 2017 edition.

team building     Escape Southern Highlands magazine

When it comes to organising a memorable conference for your delegates, you’ll want to offer something different on the activity agenda. And you’ll have come to the right place, since the rise of corporate tourism in the Southern Highlands of NSW has brought with it the development of many new and different experiences.

For the artist in all of us, Artation is a team building experience that creates collaborative painting sessions for corporate groups.  This new and innovative way of bringing your staff together encourages harmony, respect and camaraderie. The Artation approach differs from most conventional styles of team building in that it is collaborative not competitive, so all teams achieve a positive outcome by working together rather than one team winning all.

For an added bonus, all participants take home their very own masterpiece as a memento of the session.


To discuss what Artation can do for your event contact Tracey on




Moss Vale Community Centre | Collaborative Painting | October 2016


Moss Vale Community Centre entry foyer needed a bit of colour so the Committee approached Tracey at artation to come up with an idea to enhance the entry foyer and give the users of the centre some visual ownership by being involved in the painting project.

The regular users of the hall are U3A, Probus, Gentle Exercises, Volunteers Wingecaribee, Women’s Auxiliary,  Prancing for Parkinsons, Moss Vale Christian Fellowship and the hall is hired out for private functions

All user groups are represented in silhouette participating in their activities.

In the back ground are hills representing the Southern Highlands and a line runs through the images expressing the Wingecarribee river.  

 The Foyer was plain and colourless.


About 30 people turned up on the day and had fun painting the images.  The great thing about collaborative painting is that you don’t need any painting experience to be involved. Its really easy.






Everyone had fun painting.















The image was made of eight canvas panels and people moved from panel to panel to paint sections of their choice.



Some people hadn’t ever painted on canvas so it was a new experience for them and not difficult at all.












Representatives from each user group participated.




Participants laid the canvases on the floor to check that the images lined up and connected correctly.














Putting it all together at the end of the session. It was a  rewarding day for everyone.

Detail showing a private function, like an anniversary celebration.



If you would like a collaborative painting made by your team please contact







Collaborative Mural | Hill Top Community Centre | October 2016


This was the wall before the mural was added.

The same wall at completion of the mural.


The downstairs meeting room at the Hill Top Community Centre was in need of a bit of colour.

Christine, the manager of the centre asked artation to design a mural that the users of the Hill Top Community Centre could paint.

Children and their families came together and worked collaboratively on the mural.

Tracey Miller

There were children, teenagers, parents and grandparents taking part in the project.



Timber panels were primed and artation drew up the images. Participants chose a section to paint.

collaborative painting  NSW Australia








Even toddlers helped. 

The theme was indoor activities that children can play such as indoor soccer and basketball, painting, reading, blind man’s bluff, building blocks, tug of war, hide and seek, running and skipping.


tracey miller




Playing with a parachute and learning to balance.


Vacation Care participants painted on the mural.


The girls painted the ‘shelving’ that wrapped around the plumbing boxing.


collaborative painting














collaborative painting

If you would like a mural painted for your Community Centre be sure to contact Tracey at


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Mental Health Week | 2016 | Collaborative Painting


Members of the public attending the Wingecarribee Community Services Expo in the Bowral Town Hall on 29 September were invited to participate in creating a painting in support of Mental Health Week 2016.

The image is of a Tree of Life.  The tree has strong roots which form the words “Learn and Grow for Mental Health” which is the theme for Mental Health Week 2016.

A man stands looking  up into the branches where each leaf contains words suggesting positive actions and thoughts to enhance mental health.

Sketch of a tree of life for the collaborative painting for Mental Health Week 2016.

Half finished.



artation | mental health week









The completed collaborative painting measures 120 x 180 cms.



Mental health week 2016




People of all ages were given an apron and a paint brush and invited to paint a section of the image.







The image was divided into eight panels for ease of access.
























The painting will be hung in the newly created Carers’ Lounge  in the Bowral District Hospital.

The Carers’ Lounge is an initiative from consumers as part of the celebration of 125 years of service by the Bowral District hospital.




artation | mental health week



Thank you to the Wingecarribee Shire Council for hosting the Community Expo.




Thank you to Latte Life Southern Highlands for publicizing the event.


If you would like a collaborative/ community painting created for your event please contact Tracey on


Kind regards

Tracey Miller





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